How to make a cooler from a pallet

How to make a cooler from a pallet

Get your pallet(s).

Take off the boards. Disassembling the pallet can be a pain. Have patience.

You can also use a saw to help disassemble the pallet. Here I cut one up to make a base frame for the cooler/stand.

Start building the frame. Here a used some scrap 2x4s and 4x4s I had laying around the house from previous projects. My ultimate goal was a rustic look - nothing fancy.

I have no intention of painting or staining this. I want rustic. The darker the boards the better. You decide the dimensions based on the size of the cooler or how many you use. I used 2 coolers.

Remove the lids from the plastic cooler and attach to wood lids

Attach handles and accessories as you desire. I plan on adding a few more dark boards to cover lighter ones and complete the rustic image.

Watch the video: Build a storage chest from reclaimed wood (January 2022).