How to make grilled salmon salad rolls

How to make grilled salmon salad rolls

These are the rice papers we used. I don't have a preference, really.

Boil some rice vermicelli and chill in ice water, then drain.

The rice paper awaits a good soaking.

Grill some salmon. Not too long on the grill tho! Keep it moist!

Cut the loquats in half and cut out the top and bottom bits and peel and slice into strips.

Slice avocado and pepper.

Rinse and then pluck the leaves from a goodly handful of basil. I threw in some flat leaf parsley too cuz why not, right?

Place a single rice paper disk in a bowl of warm/hot water and spin it around until it becomes loose and sloppy.

My handsome friend Shane did the assembly of these and also made a delicious sauce for them!

Lay the paper on a plate. Place the ingredients on the middle of it like this: a strip of salmon, a line of vermicelli, a pickled pepper or two, some avocado and peppers and loquat, a few leaves.

Roll it like a burrito by folding the paper closest to you over the filling. Then bring one side over toward the middle.

Then the opposite side over toward the middle. Now roll the whole thing forward, pinching the filling to keep it tight. But not so tight that you'll break the wrapper.

Finished rolls! Shane made a delicious sauce that we poured into them after biting their heads off. It was a little Maggi seasoning, red wine vinegar and Valentina Mexican hot sauce.

We enjoyed these on his patio next to the blue jay in her nest!

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