How to cook carnitas

How to cook carnitas

These are the ingredients

I cut the meat into large chunks. They will get smaller. If for tacos cut smaller. If for snacking with tooth picks this is a good size. Marinade the meat for at least 2 hours or overnight for taste.

Add a little bit of oil to coat the pot I use a iron pot. Heat the oil on high add the meat. Flip around to sear all the pieces then cover. 20 mins later stir again. You will see water release.

The water after a while will evaporate and the natural oils will fry the meat. If your chunks have more fat it will release more oil. These chunks were hardly any fat and came out perfectly cooked.

After the meat has fried four about an hour stirring over every 20 mins on med/high heat, when it is the crisp you want remove and place on paper towels. Place on serving plate and place toothpicks.

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