How to make eclairs

How to make eclairs

Preheat your oven 450 degrees before starting ( i took the recipe from pinterest)

Boil the water and the butter and sprinkle a little amount of salt

Add the flour and stir quickly

Stir till it became a ball of dough

This dough make about 10 eclairs if u want more you can duplicate the ingredients

Then move it away from heat and rest it for 3 min before adding the eggs in order not to be cooked

Then add one egg and stir quickly

Add the other 2 eggs

Put it in a plastic bag

Prepare the baking sheet

Do it like this and put in a hot oven 450 for 15 min and then reduce it to 200 for 25 min

After baking

I cut it in half or you can bring the plastic bottle of the ketchup and do a hole in the eclairs then fill it and that's the best way but i cut it because i have no ketchup bottle :D

Prepare the pudding

Add sour cream to the pudding and if needs sugar u can add

Melt the choclate in the microwave then put 1spoon of butter

Melted choclate and butter

Dip it like this , i think caramel and white choclate will be yummy also

Rest it in the refregirator, (note) keep it away from your brother !!!! You'll not find it


Caramel eclair

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