How to fillet a fish

How to fillet a fish

Catch a fish. Get a really sharp fillet knife.

Place fish on cutting board, locating the gills and side fin. Hold fish head down firmly and place blade behind the head and gills.

Cut down into the fish until you feel the knife hit the backbone.

Then with the knife angled toward the tail of the fish, start cutting towards the tail end.

Use a "see-saw" back and forth motion until you reach the tail section, being careful not to cut through the skin.

Flip the loose top part over so that the fillet side of what you just cut is facing up and the skin side faces down.

Cut around the body cavity of the fillet piece and discard it.

Place knife back at the tail part of the fillet with same angle. Cut into the fillet until blade reaches the skin and then see-saw back and forth again until reaching the end of skin part.

Remove the fillet from the fish. You are now half way finished and should have one fillet.

Flip fish over and repeat the previous steps.

This time, you can try to remove the fillet completely from the skin before cutting out the small body cavity - see which method works best for you.

Viola! Two fish fillets.

Eat. (We dusted in an egg wash and cornmeal and fried them up.)

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