How to make green juice

How to make green juice

Gather all ingredients, you may differ depending on what you have available, but try to stick to veggies over fruit. Fruit will add too much sugar too quickly.

This version had broccoli instead of a cucumber.

Prep veggies by cutting them into pieces that will fit in your juicer. This version had a red pepper and a pear.

Mix, pour into a glass and enjoy! I usually pour half (about 10oz) into a glass and save the rest for an afternoon snack.

Tip: To make clean-up easier, do it while the pulp is still wet, once it dries is a pain to get clean. Tip: Keep your pulp for salad toppers, meatloaf fillers or bread flavorings.

Watch the video: How to make the best green juice. (January 2022).