How to make a shipwrecker

How to make a shipwrecker

For this ale based cocktail we'll start by adding 25ml (1oz) of Chambord to a cocktail shaker.

Followed by 12.5ml (1/2oz) Cointreau, or triple sec

To sweeten it slightly and add to the fruit base we're also going to need 12.5ml (1/2oz) of Cherry Heering liqueur

Throw in 6 whole raspberries and 15ml (3/4oz) of fresh orange juice.

And 20ml (3/4oz) of Aperol with a dash of sugar syrup. Give it a good shake, breaking up the fruit and combining the liquid ingredients.

Single strain into a beer glass of your choice packed full of ice.

Top with the ale you have chosen for your cocktail.

I've used keg Shipyard for its light citrus and hoppy flavours.

Muddle briefly with a bar spoon and then garnish appropriately.

There you have your Shipwrecker cocktail! I chose this name due to the addition of shipyard ale and it's high ABV. Light fruity flavours that pack one hell of a punch.

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